Improve compliance with physical access control intelligently integrated to Rapid Global’s award-winning health and safety software.

Access Intelligence is a deep integration between Rapid Global’s ready to work software and Visium Networks hosted access control as applied to permitter gates and turnstiles.

Access Intelligence brings about an array of benefits that both tighten compliance and de-risk the enterprise and workers alike.


Online Inductions


Contractors and visitors can be invited to pre-induct online before arriving onsite saving time for all concerned.  

Self Check-In


The contractor or visitor can

self-check-in at a Rapid Access terminal or via the Rapid Access app then wait at the designated location. An SMS can be automatically sent out to notify the relevant person that their visitor has arrived. Self-check-in can even automatically grant access through defined gates or turnstiles for secure and compliant automated site entry, ideal for remote sites and after-hours access.

Regular Employees and Contractors


can simply access the facility using their usual access credentials such as an access card, pin or app. They will automatically be logged in and out of the site. 

Pedestrian Visitors

Visiting pedestrians can simply use a PIN number printed on their Rapid Induct sticker at any access controlled exit point.



Save time, by completing an induction at Rapid Access terminal which can print a PIN that is used to exit site and log them out removing the need to return to an induction terminal.



If someone's induction or insurance details are not up-to-date, Access Intelligence will ensure that their access credentials are automatically disabled, preventing non-compliant users from accessing the site.


Creating an amazingly effective EVAC tool, HSE managers during an emergency situation can check off staff, contractors and visitors from the app. An EVAC alert SMS can be issued to the entire ‘Who is onsite’ list. Persons who have left the site but have not checked out properly can do so remotely via a reply SMS or be automatically removed as they badge out of site.



By integrating the Rapid Access System with Visium's hosted GX service, we have created a powerful Access Intelligence platform designed to enhance your site entry and exit protocols while accounting for everyone on-site quickly and accurately.


We want to make HSE practices simple and secure.


Improving compliance while also helping your work environment flow.


We'll save you time and money.

No more paper.

No one standing at a gate being paid to check people off a list.

No more rushing to site to make the 7 am induction meeting.

No more checking through long lists, making sure everyone's insurance and inductions are up to date. 

No frantic panic making sure everyone is accounted for during emergency evacuations. 


Rapid Global and Visium Networks are excited to be offering this new Access Intelligence platform to our clients.

Together, we can help HSE Managers create a safer and secure workplace for all people on site.

At big facilities, it can be a long way back to the Rapid terminal. 

Now visiting drivers can simply use their printed PIN to exit.

The integrated system will automatically log them off the onsite list.


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