Enterprise-Grade Contract Tracing Starts with Accurate HR Data 

Linked to Next-Generation Access Control

Access intelligence knows who is entering your site and when they leave, what they look like and how to get in contact with them. Not only that, it ensures everyone entering site is certified, inducted and ready to work!
There are so many great features and benefits, its little wonder Access Intelligence is favoured by some of Australia’s leading companies.

Our next-generation contractor app, with Bluetooth beacon support and incorporating hands-free camera facial recognition, can even directly open the door or gate on the approved time schedule. This amazing new solution drives compliance whilst streamlining entry and exit management. All whilst improving site security outcomes.

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Access Intelligence is an integration between Rapid Global’s award-winning ready to work software and Visium Networks advanced cloud-connected access control.
Developed prior to COVID-19, the integration was developed to finally solve EVAC, which is fundamentally a check-in, check-out contact tracing challenge overcome by unifying visitor management, contractor management and access control.
Our solution is value-added with the addition of our third partner NiroVision. Australia’s leading facial recognition software company. Facial recognition adds a new dimension allowing contractors, visitors and staff to check in and out of site by simply walking past a camera.

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