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Face REC Time and Attendance 

Introducing Australia’s most advanced and trusted facial recognition solution for industrial time clocking. 

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Our face recognition software is developed in Australia, with national installation and support.

Not only can you deploy facial recognition for time applications, but you can also solve contractor and staff access control, contact tracing and more.

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Easily Manage
Web or App

Easy to manage software suite allows remote enrolment directly or via contractor / staff induction. It's safe, secure and simple.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Australian enterprise.




Cloud Integrated Payroll, HSE 

Supplied and Installed Nationally

Secure and Private

Australian Hosted and Coded

Features and Benefits

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a powerful, simple authentication tool for business - and when properly adopted one that is secure and private. Learn the ins and outs of face rec in our detailed guide:


How accurate is facial recognition?

What are the benefits and disadvantages?

An Optional Infrared Thermometer Solution

Included on Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

A super effective quick reading process that alerts you to which individuals have recorded an elevated temperature.

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Fingerprint vs Face REC

A few key comparisons 

  • Unhygienic 

  • Requires local enrolment 

  • A percentage of users biometrics are unusable 

  • Can fail due to dirt/grime

  • Used only for payroll

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  • Predominately touchless.

  • Many other uses such as access control, contact tracing, induction, remote guarding.

  • Users can be remotely inducted or onboarded via an induction system.

  • Highly secure


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Includes standard API for integration to payroll, custom development price on application. 
Does not include CCTV cameras, however, these can be added pursuant to site scope.

Contact Visium for a quote or to learn more

Australian Eastern Standard Time 9 am - 5 pm M - F

Thank you for contacting us regarding Face REC Time and Attendance.We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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