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By integrating the Rapid Access System and Nirovision with Visium's hosted hardware and services, we have created a powerful Access Intelligence platform designed to enhance your site access control protocols while accounting for everyone on-site quickly and accurately.

We want to make HSE practices simple and secure.


Improving compliance while also helping your work environment flow.


We'll save you time and money.

No more paper.

No one standing at a gate being paid to check people off a list.

No more rushing to site to make the 7 am induction meeting.

No more checking through long lists, making sure everyone's insurance and inductions are up to date. 

No frantic panic making sure everyone is accounted for during emergency evacuations. 


Rapid Global, Nirovision and Visium Networks are excited to be offering this new Access Intelligence platform to our clients. Together, we can help HSE Managers create a safer and secure workplace for all people on site.

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